How to Order MoiRandall's Garments

Reserve your Item. Most of the finished clothing items shown on the MoiRandall's pages are one-of-a-kind. Since there is only one of each item, I use a reservation system to prevent conflicts between orders.

To reserve an item, e-mail me at Be sure to include the item's stock number. The first e-mail I receive will reserve the item.

I will answer your e-mail to tell you that your reservation has been accepted.

Once it is reserved, I will hold the item for 21 days. If I do not receive payment in that interval, the item goes back up for sale. The item will not be shipped until payment is received.

Sewing patterns do not require a reservation. These items are always in stock and more can be printed as needed. Just write a note telling me your address and which patterns you want, then send it with your check.

Please write your check or money order to "Randall Whitlock" and mail it to:

Randall Whitlock
PO Box 39504
Phoenix AZ 85069

Postage is included. If the item is to be delivered anywhere in the United States, postage is included in the price. For international orders, I'll need to add shipping costs.

I cannot accept credit cards, Paypal, or other on-line forms of payment. These payment forms have hidden costs that cannot be supported by my current volume of business. Payment must be a check or money order.

An acceptable personal check must be bank-imprinted with the name of the signer. Please provide the current address and phone number for the signer.

Money orders can be obtained from your bank, post office, or the customer service desk of some supermarkets. There are now online services that will send money orders from your credit card payment. Expect to pay a service fee.

Please reserve an item only if you are ready to send payment immediately. If you must cancel your reservation, please notify me by e-mail as soon as possible.

Insincere reservations are not welcome. They waste your time and my effort. If you reserve an item then do not pay for it (or fail to send a timely message to cancel the reservation) I will not accept any further reservations from you.

Custom Made Clothing. If you see an item you like, but would need it in a different size, color, or material, this can sometimes be arranged. This would be a new custom project. The cost will be substantially higher than the ready made garments seen on these pages. E-mail me to discuss the project. These days, I rarely have time for custom sewing, but I always have time to talk.

Tunics, Shirts and Robes

Capes, Cloaks and Mandelions

Doublets, Bodices Dresses

Hats, Pouches and Accessories

Sewing Patterns and Books

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